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Take Time for Each Other  / Ann Vassell (Friend)  Read >>
Take Time for Each Other  / Ann Vassell (Friend)
So many time we take for granted the presence of our loved ones (friends & family) not realizing that life isnt promised to any of us a second from now.  We hold gudges, have bad thoughts and most times even wish bad things for them because they have angered us in one way or another.  We all love love each other (nuh true?) and would go out on a limb and make the sacrifice just to assist in the peace of mind for the other individual.  I say all of this to say let's find the time to make that phone call to say "how yuh do" or "yuh arite?" You wont realize that it means so much to the other party and you wont realize that it would have meant so much to you if that person should slip away.  I write with tears in my eyes because so many time I meant to ask Sandra how I could get in touch with Michael - but I never did and now I wont ever be able to.
Let's tell one another how much we love & appreciate them - it's the little things in life that counts most.
Sandra, my friend - I know your grief, Mr. & Mrs. Walker, he was your baby, (yuh wash belly) brother, sisters, nieces & nephews I share in your loss because I knew he was a great soul.
Here Today, Gone Tomorrow  / Ann Vassell (Friend)  Read >>
Here Today, Gone Tomorrow  / Ann Vassell (Friend)
Here today, gone tomorrow
The swiftness of you absence brings great sorrow
But, (he says) grieve not my family
But in all your work and play
Just continue to remember me. Close
Rest in Peace  / Dena Davis (cousin)  Read >>
Rest in Peace  / Dena Davis (cousin)
We never met in our adult years, but blood thicker than water....u're always near ......I'll never know why you had to go so soon.....but I know it is the road that we all will trod sooner or later. Rest In Peace.
God knows best  / Norma Hutchinson (Friend of sister Jacquie )  Read >>
God knows best  / Norma Hutchinson (Friend of sister Jacquie )
I met Michael through Jacquie and was immediately impresed with his mannerly, quiet, demeanour and composure. I thought he was such a handsome young man as I watched him conversing with his sister  in a very respectable manner....that was way back in 1995.
Over the years, whenever I speak to Jacquie, I have never ended a conversation without asking about michael and all the other siblings.
I was really shocked to hear about his death. I know you are a close knit family and I can just imagine the grief and pain you are all going through. I pray and hope that God will give you all the strength and courage to bear this loss. Please remember that in all of this, "God knows best." Close
Call Someone Today  / Jacquie (Sister)  Read >>
Call Someone Today  / Jacquie (Sister)
To all who visit this 'site'.  Keep in contact with your friends, brothers, sisters, parents.  Try to speak to them as often as possible.   When it is someone's time to go.....it maybe without warning.  No time to say bye.  Please call someone in your family today.  Close
Mikey, my brother-in-law  / Frosty (brother-in-law)  Read >>
Mikey, my brother-in-law  / Frosty (brother-in-law)
We never really got to know one another.
But thru your sister we kept abreast of one another.
You would ask how were things going back here
and "are you walking Black Dog?".
Your family misses you, ..... you know that.
The only consolation in your passing is knowing that you are in a peaceful place.  Your friends and family know that.
Knowing that you are smiling down on all of us.
Rest in peace Mikey Close
Be comforted  / Colleen Bailey (friend of Sandie )  Read >>
Be comforted  / Colleen Bailey (friend of Sandie )
To Sandi and family
Although I did not know mikey personally. I knew him through Sandi. May the Lord give you peace and comfort as you experience this time of grief. My prayers are with you all. Close
Missing you ... sis, sandi  / Sandi (sister)  Read >>
Missing you ... sis, sandi  / Sandi (sister)
Missing You

I guess I'll never understand
Why you had to go.
The choice for you was hard, dear Mikey,
This much I do know.
You left behind a lot of love.
A bunch of good times, too,
And memories of all the time
I got to share with you.
I know I'm not the only one
That misses you each day.
I know that many others
Wonder why you went away,
The thing that they will never know
Is how I'm feeling now.
I know you're in a better place.
I know that you're okay.
I'll miss you calling
And asking what I'm doing.
I'll miss you saying, "Hello Sandi . . . Whappen"
And that you must be going.
It doesn't help to ask "WHY?!"
Because we'll never know
Until we see you once again
Where all good people go.
I know that you will be there
When I make my journey home
Along with all others we have known.
My prayer for you, my Brother,
Is that you, at last, are free
Of all the earthbound sorrow...
All the pain and misery. Close
What If...  / Shawna (Niece)  Read >>
What If...  / Shawna (Niece)
what if
you was still alive
what if
everything would be alright
I cant believe that you past away
and I ask myself is this the end
would I ever you agian
well , I think yes
because I believe your in heaven
I didnt get to say goodbye
now tears is fall from my eyes
you gone and you will never
come back home and now Im here all alone
I knew you when I was born
and right now I feel so torn
I cant believe you past away
I just saw you the other day
and you say it gonna be alright
you will alway be by my side
we grew up together
you was just my mom little brother
when I was younger
you was a father figure
you alway say Shawna
chase your future
and now I cant believe it
I would never forget this
I cant wake you up
and Its no more fun
we are not getting young
but I still feel your love
that you here with us
you are not around
everything is going wrong
now I'm all lonely
we was alway happy
you see me growing up
as a child to a young lady
you believe in me Uncle mickey
when Im sad you made me happy
and when I came home august 22. 2007
I hear bad news and it was all about you
I heard that you die and I cry but I believe your in heaven Close
Dedicated to my uncle from Nicollette  / Nicollette Barton (Niece)  Read >>
Dedicated to my uncle from Nicollette  / Nicollette Barton (Niece)
Each day that has passed since the family got the news has been painful, tears has been shed, memories of you have been remembered.

Your life the joy of having you around but why should we be in morn knowing that your in a better place a place where we all hope to be one day reunited as a family.

Your life was just a journey a journey that your spirit lives on for you protecting us making sure were all guided on the right path your love was strong the memory of you will for every live on see you in paradise uncle Mikey
Remembrance – The Laughter We Share  / Kimberley Williams (Niece)  Read >>
Remembrance – The Laughter We Share  / Kimberley Williams (Niece)
Dedicated to “Uncle Mikey” (An Angel) - written by Kimberley Williams

Remember the laughter we shared, Even when you cried, I always cared. We use to talk about life, and why every toxin in our tears and smile are worth living for.

Mikey, I just want you to know there is always a place in my heart for you; I will celebrate every moment we shared together. I love you in every special way, whether it is good, or bad. That’s the beautiful part about life. It’s just the laughter we shared together and I wouldn’t trade it for nothing in this world.

Mikey my heart is at peace, because you will forever rest in peace, and I know if you didn’t live your life on earth, God has already given you a second chance to re-live your life in His Kingdom.

You’re a true Angel to all of you and in God’s eyes. Close
he is in heaven chillin  / Shawna Barton (niece)  Read >>
he is in heaven chillin  / Shawna Barton (niece)
Life is a reason 
every year is a different season 
I believe your in heaven
and your a angle 
I think about you every second 
and Im gonna tell the people the truth
 god as chosse him 
frm, Shawna 
P.s love ya

miss u  / Nicolette Barton (niece)  Read >>
miss u  / Nicolette Barton (niece)
it still havnt sunk in, that your gone but i know ur in a better place i miss and love you see u in heaven uncle Close
In Memory of my Dearest son Michael  / Linda Walker (mother)  Read >>
In Memory of my Dearest son Michael  / Linda Walker (mother)
Michael, I dont know what to do with myself.I am crying all the  time
I just cant come to grip  that you are gone. I missed you so much,
I know youare in a better  place, In the arms of Jesus
.I'll see you when I get to heaven, 
I love you baby....... Till we meet again,........MOM. Close
Missing You  / Jacqueline Palmer (Sister)  Read >>
Missing You  / Jacqueline Palmer (Sister)

I'm still crying: on the train, walking home, at work.  I'm trying to stop but it is hard.  I miss you  sooooooooo very much. Close
Mikey, This is for you  / Annette Walker (sister)  Read >>
Mikey, This is for you  / Annette Walker (sister)
Hi Mikey,
I can't believe that you're gone from us.It feels like you're still here.You know, I know for a fact that you are in a wonderful place and I'm happy that you have found the peace that you've been searching for.
Living and Dying is something that we all have to prepare for.It's only hard because we won't see our  love ones here on earth again.We are looking at life from and earthly perspective and not an eternal perspective.But I have faith in a faithful and loving God and he has promised us eternal blessings.
God, the blessed lord Jesus had seen your sufferings and he had  intervened at  the right moment to protect you from greater pain.
Now you can mediate to Jesus on our behalf.Continue to pray for us that we will all become more united as a family and that we never lose sight of God's grace.
Personally for me, I can still see your face and feel your presence.I can talk to you and you will listen.
I love you my brother.
Your sister Annette

Love you brother  / Sandi (Sister)  Read >>
Love you brother  / Sandi (Sister)
Missing you every day.  I'm so sorry I did not call you when I should have.  I know you are in a better place, resting with peace with love in your heart and a smile on your face.  Close